Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can do what many martial arts promise, since the early days Jiu Jitsu is proven against stronger and heavier opponents. To achieve that, BJJ uses bodymechanics and leverage against weak parts of the attackers body.
The goal is to close the distance to the attacker as fast as possible and take the fight to the ground. The Groundfight has many advantages, it is easyer to control a person on the ground and the risk of loosing the fight or getting hurt is minimized a lot. If you know how to fight on the ground you´ll have a huge advantage over someone that doesn´t. „The ground is my ocean and iam a shark, most people don´t even know how to swim“ is a famous quote describing that fact.

BJJ For Kids

Most of the time kids love training at Matrix-BJJ right of the bat and it´s hard to get them off the mat after class. Our kids program is based on BJJ, it was developed and improved over years. Kids can start as young as 3 years and we have many different classes to make sure every kid gets the best experience. Fun and action is guaranteed, all the techniques taught will be tested in controlled fighting games or later on sparring for the older/advanced kids. That makes BJJ very practical and super effective. ifa kid likes the fighting aspect and is competitive they can participate in tournaments, but nobody has to! Practicing BJJ has countless positive effects on the kids. Coordination, discipline, self confidence, focus and ambition are developped quickly. These effects let the self defense and fighting skills they learn almost a byproduct. Schedule your free trial class now!


Mixed Martial Arts is the modern way of fighting. It´s a combination of the most effective martial arts into a complete fighting system. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Boxing, Thaiboxing ar combined. A MMA fight continues on the ground and Punches are still legal once the fight goes down. At Matrix we are specialized on Groundfighting so we focus more on the Standup Arts in our MMA program.

Since the first UFC´s there is no doubt about the effectiveness of BJJ. The lightest and least athletic fighter Royce Gracie dominated the competition and showed the world that his style was the best, directly compared to all the other martial arts that competed there. These early UFC´s had no rules or weight classes! He proved that fighting heavyer and stronger attackers is most successful on the ground. The fact that most altercations on the street or other selfdefense scenarios go to the clinch/ground anyways is another reason to use BJJ as the main tool for effective selfdefense. In Jiu Jitsu we learn to be comfortable in really bad situations and automatically builda skillset not only surviving them but come out on top and defeat the attacker. There is no better Martial Art than BJJ for that matter and it can also be done by everybody.


Besides our regular classes we offer Seminars and Workshops for BJJ, MMA and Selfdefense


Privat lessons can be a perfect complement for the regular group lessons. They can also be an alternative to the regular classes for people that have a vry busy work schedule for example. Privates can also be booked by a group of people to share the costs and learn together. If you are interested in private lessons you can contact us with the formular on our website or just give us a call.


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