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Here at Matrix Jiu-Jitsu, We are honored to teach authentic Jiu Jitsu at all of our locations in Kaiserslautern, Homburg and Saarbücken (all Germany). We specialize in teaching practical self-defense designed for modern day application while also teaching modern Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) techniques that have been successful at some of the best competitions in Europe.

Members can expect top-notch instruction from patient and enthusiastic instructors who have dedicated their lives to teaching the amazing art of Jiu Jitsu! No previous experience is needed, you will even get to work with an instructor in your first lesson.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is renowned as the best Martial Art in the world for self defense.

Sign up now for a free ten day trial. Not only will you learn effective self defense but you will also improve your health, boost your energy, and you will sharpen your mind learning a new skill!


Our highly detailed and structured curriculum helps students retain the techniques they have learned. We only utilize instructors that are respectful, courteous, professional, and who actively train.

You will never be taught by an unqualified person who does not take their own training seriously.

You are probably asking yourself, "What is the best Martial Arts school in Kaiserslautern for Jiu Jitsu?" The great thing about Matrix Jiu Jitsu is that we allow all new people to take a FREE ten day trial in our amazing self-defense programs to make sure that they are totally in love with our Martial Arts School.

We teach authentic Jiu Jitsu and Self Defense in a safe and clean martial arts facility. Our martial arts programs for both kids and adults are unique and effective, you have maybe never experienced anything quite like what we offer! 

Our Jiu Jitsu programs for kids build confidence and help them develop socially. Our kids martial arts classes also address bully prevention and self-defense goals. Most importantly, the atmosphere in our dojo is a family atmosphere. Everyone is very friendly and training with us is a lot of fun.

The primary objective in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as a self-defense system is to close the distance, take the opponent to the ground, and submit the opponent using leverage based grappling techniques such as arm locks, chokes, leg locks, neck cranks or small joint manipulation.

At our Martial Arts schools in Kaiserslautern, Homburg and Saarbrücken, Germany, we teach Jiu-Jitsu that works!

We guarantee you will love training at Matrix Jiu Jitsu

Watch the videos below and learn more about our amazing programs and athletes!



Matrix Jiu-Jitsu has FOUR Locations


Location 1 in Kaiserslautern:
Matrix Jiu-Jitsu Headquarter, 
Donnersbergstraße 61-63, 
67657 Kaiserslautern

Matrix-BJJ KL - Dean Lister.jpg

Location 2 in Homburg/Bexbach
Matrix-BJJ  @ Formwerk,
Kleinottweilerstraße 75,
66450 Bexbach

Matrix-BJJ Homburg.jpg

Location 3 at the Kaiserslautern University: 
Matrix-BJJ @ Uni-Fit
Paul-Ehrlich-Straße 27,
67663 Kaiserslautern


Matrix BJJ - University-KL.jpg

Location 4 in Saarbrücken:
Matrix-BJJ @ the BodyPoint
Taubfeld 6, 
66121 Saarbrücken

Matrix-BJJ Saarbrücken.jpg


Kaiserslautern Academy:

19:00-21:00 : BJJ / NoGi

Homburg Academy:

16:00-17:00 : BJJ Kids 1 / NoGi

17:00-18:00 : BJJ Kids 2 / NoGi

18:00-19:00: MMA

19:00-21:00 : BJJ / NoGi

Kaiserslautern University: N/A

Saarbrücken Academy:

18:30-20:00 : BJJ / NoGi


Kaiserslautern Academy:

16:30-17:30 :  BJJ Kids 1 / Gi

17:30-18:30 : BJJ / Fundamentals / Gi

Homburg Academy: 

19:30-21:30 : BJJ / NoGi

Kaiserslautern University:  

19:30-21:00 : BJJ / Fundamentals / NoGi

Saarbrücken Academy:

10:30-12:00 : BJJ / NoGi/Gi (on arrangement)

18:30-20:00 : BJJ / Gi


Kaiserslautern Academy:

16:30-17:30 :  BJJ Kids 2 / NoGi

18:00-19:00 : MMA

19:30-21:30 : BJJ / NoGi

Homburg Academy: 

19:00-20:30 : MMA

Kaiserslautern University: N/A

Saarbrücken Academy:  N/A



Kaiserslautern Academy:

16:30-17:30 : BJJ Kids 1 / Gi

18:00-19:00 : BJJ / Fundamentals / NoGi

19:00-19:30 : Yoga

19:30-21:30 : BJJ / Gi

Homburg Academy: N/A

Kaiserslautern University: N/A

Saarbrücken Academy:

10:30-12:00 : BJJ / NoGi/Gi (on arrangement)

18:30-20:00 : BJJ / NoGi


Kaiserslautern Academy:

16:30-17:30 : BJJ Kids 2 / Gi

18:00-19:30 : BJJ / Fundamentals / NoGi

19:30-20:30 : BJJ Open Mat / Members Only / Gi or NoGi

Homburg Academy:

17:30-18:30 : BJJ Kids 2 / Gi

19:00-21:00 : BJJ / Gi

Kaiserslautern University: N/A

Saarbrücken Academy: N/A




Kaiserslautern Academy: 

11:00-12:30 : MMA

Homburg Academy: N/A

Kaiserslautern University: N/A

Saarbrücken Academy:

12:00-13:00 : BJJ / NoGi/Gi

13:00-14:00 : BJJ Open Mat / Gi or Nogi


Kaiserslautern Academy:

10:00-11:00 : BJJ Kids 2

11:00-12:00 : BJJ / NoGi

12:00-14:00 : BJJ Open Mat / Open to Public / Gi or Nogi

Homburg Academy: N/A

Kaiserslautern University: N/A

Saarbrücken Academy: N/A


Classes marked as "Fundamentals" are geared towards Beginners

There are two types uniforms in Jiu-Jitsu.  Classes are designated as either Gi or "No Gi", which refers to simply wearing athletic clothing. New students should not feel discouraged from attending "Gi" class if they do not yet own a Gi. All are welcome!

 Schedule Kaiserslautern

Schedule Kaiserslautern

 Schedule Homburg

Schedule Homburg

 Schedule Saarbrücken

Schedule Saarbrücken



At Matrix Jiu-Jitsu, classes are only taught by highly qualified instructors. Our coaches ensure practices are conducted safely while also teaching you and your family some of the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Germany

headcoach new 2.jpg

René Becker

René Becker is the head-coach at Matrix Jiu-Jitsu, a BJJ black belt under Aaron Milam (Lineage: Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie Sr. > Helio Gracie > Carlos Gracie Junior > Renzo Gracie > John Danaher > Aaron Milam) with more than 14 years grappling experience focusing mostly Nogi-Jiu Jitsu. René is a highly skilled instructor who is known in Germany for being able to quickly train students to a very high level. Many of René's students have competed at high level tournaments in the region such as the ADCC European Championships, NAGA, and the Shooto Grappling Championship.

René is the instructor for almost all classes at Matrix Jiu-Jitsu. Students training at Matrix can expect to personally train with René on an almost daily basis.

Andreas Resch.jpg

Andreas Resch

Andreas is a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has 20 years of Martial Art´s experience. He is the Headcoach for the well known and very succesful Matrix Kids and Teen Program. Additionaly he is the main coach at the Homburg Location and an active competitor. The Fundamental and Women Only Classes are also taught by him and if you want to get in touch with Matrix you´ll probably talk to him as he handles most of the administration for the Gyms.

Jason Brown.jpg

Jason Brown

He started fighting MMA in 2005. He was 1-0 as an amateur and 2-1 pro. He recieved his purple belt from Drysdale directly and recently his brown under professor Jesse Briggs (an affiliate of Drysdale and Paulson) around 2010. He realized that most fighters did not understand that ground and stand up striking for MMA is its own art, so he began to focus his learning and instruction specifically on this.

He is the MMA-Coach of Matrix-BJJ in Kaiserslautern.

kuya matrix.jpg

Christopher “Kuya” Costa

Coach at Matrix-Kaiserslautern especially for the Gi-classes.
BJJ Black Belt under Professor Carlos David Oliveira (Roberto Traven Black Belt).
Founder of the Armed Forces Martial Arts Network. Currently stationed at Ramstein Air Base teaching classes.
He holds classes and seminars wherever the U.S. Air force decides to put me. Wherever duty calls, he will bring Jiu-Jitsu.


Yari Vaculik

Yari Vaculik is a Purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu who teaches most of the fundamental classes. If you take a class from Yari, you will receive detailed and easy to understand information about the basics of BJJ. Yari's classes involve drills, teaching techniques, and sparring from positions that were practiced in class.

Yari is the primary teacher for classes at Kaiserslautern University. If you're interested in taking a class on Tuesdays at Uni-Fit, Yari will be there to greet you.

christian coach.jpg

Christian Weisgerber

Coach at Matrix-Kaiserslautern especially for the fundamental classes. BJJ-Purplebelt under René Becker

More Info soon.


Arthur Glöckler

Coach/Trainer for MMA at Matrix-Homburg

BJJ Purple Belt

MMA Bilanz: 1-1-0

More Info soon..

Svilen Dimitrov.jpg

Svilen Dimitrov

Coach at Matrix-Saarbrücken, BJJ-Brownbelt under Kristian Popov.

More Info here

Alexander Neufang.jpg

Alexander Neufang

Coach at Matrix-Saarbrücken, BJJ-Blackbelt under Robson Barbosa.

More Info soon.


Contact Us

Feel free to give us a call at: (0151) 560 95 948

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Matrix-BJJ - Rene Becker & Andreas Resch Gbr
Donnersbergstraße 61-63
67657 Kaiserslautern

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René Becker
Andreas Resch

Telefon: +49 1515 6095948

E-Mail: Rene.Becker@gmx.com
E-Mail: Andreas-Resch@gmx.de


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